With Superbowl LVI fast approaching, it seems like a good time to showcase a recent American Football themed shoot featuring Tegan.The idea for this theme had been bubbling away behind the scenes for quite a while, so it was great to finally get together and bring it to life. Here’s a look at one of […]

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Photography Quick tips.

Get some real estate into the iris! How often do we see images shot with flash where the pupils of our subject are dilated? Do we want our subject’s beautiful blue eyes to sparkle in our photograph, or do we want pupils that look like saucepan lids to overshadow them? As a headshot and portrait […]

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Break a leg……..

Well, break a knee in my case.Sorry to report that I slipped and broke my knee in December. After reconstructive surgery on my kneecap to wire it all back together, I’ve been pretty much home-bound, recovering ever since. Happy New Year! Understandably I’m feeling a little down, but it hasn’t stopped me from concentrating on […]

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