Tamworth businesswoman Emma of LOVEEMVY.COM branding and headshot photo session.

We’re talking business branding and headshots here on the blog today and it was an absolute pleasure photographing Emma, founder of Love Emvy premium leather goods and gift items.

Emma has been successfully building the Love Emvy brand here in my home town of Tamworth, Staffordshire since 2016. Love Emvy places an emphasis on luxury premium leather goods and gift items, with a fundamental premise of providing fantastic service. The business has grown and gone from strength to strength. It’s certainly been inspiring for me to see what can be achieved with dedication and hard work.

Now Emma was a little bit nervous about having her photograph taken………….

Don’t worry if you feel the same way, you’re not alone! The majority of people are a little reluctant in front of the camera but, fear not……….that’s where (I) the photographer comes in, to put you at ease and to capture those quality shots that will help to project your brand and give you that desirable edge on the competition.

Using professional photography services for your website and personal branding will really help to paint your online presence in the very best light. Your business will stand out considerably against those using low resolution and poorly lit mobile phone pictures for example. Don’t underestimate the power of high quality imagery!

I’ll get off my photography soapbox now and get back to the subject at hand.

Christmas is coming you know…………..

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas?

Emma’s put together some incredibly useful gift ideas here on her blog so definitely drop by and check them out. Maybe treat yourself to a spot of retail therapy while you’re there?

One final word about our photoshoot session before I wrap things up.

Emma wanted a headshot for her business profile and if you haven’t already got a professional headshot, then I’d highly recommend getting in touch so we can remedy that. I see so many poor quality phone camera shots on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Now they may be photos that are personally loved by the people in them, but they definitely project amateur……the exact opposite of the professional use which for they are intended.

I’m on that soapbox again!

Here’s Emma’s headshot.

I’m sure you’ll agree she looks great.

Are you a small business owner in Tamworth, Staffordshire or surrounding areas?

Want to elevate your personal profile to help develop your brand?

Please do get in touch for a headshot or business portrait.

Stay safe everyone.


I’m a fine art portrait photographer based in Tamworth, Staffordshire. Specialising in creative and styled portraiture, fitness photography, headshots, family portraits and personal branding for you, for actors, for athletes and for business professionals alike.


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Publication in Femme Rebelle Magazine

Delighted to report a six page spread in the December issue of the fantastic Femme Rebelle Magazine.

Bubblegum Beatdown featuring Fonic (aka Francheska)

Femme Rebelle BOOK 2 52

The original inspiration for this set came from this super cool image by the fantastic German photographer and photoshop expert Calvin Hollywood.

Officer – by Calvin Hollywood

This was shot from my small home studio so to give it some narrative we added smoke, coloured gel on the backlights, a Lee Filters diffusion filter on the camera and a ton of attitude from Francheska and well the rest is history…………….


Femme Rebelle is out now.

Femme Rebelle Dec BOOK 2


kHz ft Arabella

Apologies for my lack of blogging lately.

No excuses.

I have been shooting quite a lot however and scored some fantastic publications recently. This set in particular featuring the incredibly versatile and well known model Arabella has given me an appetite to shoot more with coloured gels and to push my creative boundaries.

Watch this space.

‘kHz’ ft Arabella

Studio Session-1369-Edit-2

Femme Rebelle Magazine



Please do check out Arabella on Instagram.