With Superbowl LVI fast approaching, it seems like a good time to showcase a recent American Football themed shoot featuring Tegan.The idea for this theme had been bubbling away behind the scenes for quite a while, so it was great to finally get together and bring it to life. Here’s a look at one of […]

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#17 MAKEUP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! Should I invest in professional hair and makeup for my headshot session? I would personally recommend using a trusted makeup artist for any portrait photography session. A skilled makeup artist can create the illusion of flawless skin, define the eyes and enhance facial features. Professional makeup will also help […]



IF IT’S CONSIDERED A FAD…….IT MIGHT LOOK BAD! Let me be clear. It’s fantastic to see people expressing themselves. Innovative style, interesting hair, bold make-up. I love it. But, and it’s a big but. It doesn’t necessarily belong in your headshot session. Why not? Think about it. Have you ever looked back at photographs of […]



Sharing some personal branding images from an older set here today. High key set, edited in black and white for an extra contrasty punch. We photographed these against a painted white wall, with the large beauty dish (socked to soften the light a little) directly over the camera lens. I actually used the Canon 17-40 […]

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Crimson Tide | Published in Femme Rebelle Magazine.

Happy to report a little good news story today in a world seemingly devoid of positives. A new feature in the fantastic alternative fashion publication Femme Rebelle Magazine. I’d recently purchased a crimson paper backdrop from Manfrotto, which I was keen to test out. Jessie answered my casting on Instagram, and we got […]

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The top five inexpensive pieces of gear that made the biggest impact on my photography………..

…………………and I’m not talking about the latest camera bodies or the fastest most expensive glass. We’re not even in the same ballpark actually………nowhere near. Let’s break it down. Cameras and glass aside I’m sure we’ve all had those Eureka moments on our respective photographic journeys where we’ve come to realise ‘how did I ever manage […]

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