I went to the shops today to buy toilet paper……………

……killed two birds with one stone and took this self portrait in the kitchen!


It wasn’t any fun taking this. Wearing that mask felt like someone was pressing a pillow down on my face! No fun at all.

The props, I had lying around. A World War 2 helmet, a cold war era Soviet gas mask, a couple of nasty looking weapons and my trusty old All Saints military coat.

Single light setup, a Godox AD360 in my 120cm octabox (gridded) to camera left and just out of frame.

I had the camera set on 10 second timer, pressed the shutter, grabbed my weapons and hoped for the best! After less than ten shots I’d had enough and wrapped it up. I got one shot that worked and that was enough for me. I’m not planning on getting back into that mask anytime soon!

Be careful out there.

Stay safe.


I’m a fine art portrait photographer based in Tamworth, Staffordshire. Specialising in creative and styled portraiture, fitness photography, headshots, family portraits and personal branding for you, for actors, for athletes and for business professionals alike.


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