Small home studio…….(woes and cons).

I would give my last Rolo to own my own studio……I mean a fully equipped, state of the art space to create (space being the operative word). Who wouldn’t? The reality though for the majority of us, is that we have to be inventive with the space that we do have.

Well, I for one relish that challenge.

I embrace it, try to learn from it and hopefully become a better photographer every time I complete a new shoot. That’s my objective at least. There are many amazing tutorials on YouTube to help us learn lighting, retouching and posing subjects for example, but the best way to improve is to figure it out for yourself by practical experimentation.

My space is small.

It’s just about wide enough to put up a paper backdrop and roll it out enough to shoot a full length shot of a model. It’s worth mentioning that if I do wish to frame a full length shot then I have to sit in my living room which is across the hall and shoot over and in through the doorway of my studio room! My 70-200mm lens is my best friend when shooting at home.

Here’s what I’m talking about………..


That’s the door frame and the bottom leg of a C stand you can see creeping into the shot from both sides.

Here’s the finished image…………


A little help from Content Aware Fill in Photoshop and Bob’s your Mother’s Brother as they say around here. I’ve also used the Glamour Glow Filter (warmed up) in Nik Color Efex Pro to achieve this look.

I’ll be posting more home studio insights here in upcoming posts, so please do stay tuned and let me know how you overcome any challenges that you might face by shooting from home.




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