Have you been spending your lockdown time creatively?

Well apart from home schooling the kids and doing a few little jobs around the house, I’ve been trying to push myself a little with my editing. I’m very much missing photography at this stage, so I thought I would use this as an opportunity to go back over some older images and rework them.


A technique I described in my previous blog post about using the Color Range selection in Photoshop to change the colour of the backdrop paper is something I’ve been exploring quite a lot.

Studio Session-921-Edit-2

I also love to use the Tonal Contrast in Nik Color Efex Pro to add tonality and detail. This is well used with layers in Photoshop to give you control of areas where you might brush it on to your image.

Studio Session-1290-Edit-2

Studio Session-1289-Edit-2

Studio Session-1260-Edit-2-2

As well as Nik, I also love to utilise Topaz Clarity in my editing workflow. Again used alongside layers in Photoshop it gives such a punch to contrast and really helps with dimensional quality. It almost makes the subject pop out of the image. A truly great plugin which I use for literally every image.


I’ve seen a few of these neon shapes floating around online so I thought it would fit the vibe of this image featuring Francheska and I hope you’ll agree that it works quite well.

Anyways, I’ll leave it there.

Hope you enjoyed this showcase of my lockdown editing sessions (so far) and I look forward to connecting with you all on social media.




As always, if you think I can help with anything photography/editing related then please do feel free to ask any questions.




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