Easy way to change background colour in Photoshop.

Hello everyone.

I’ve been going over some older images as a way of staying creative during the lockdown period here in the UK. Trying to learn a few new things can’t hurt can it?

Today I’m going to describe a way in which you can easily change the colour of your background in Photoshop. This is a technique which I’m applying to my studio shots which are originally photographed against a grey paper roll.

Here’s the final image featuring Meg.


Hopefully you like the punchy background as opposed to the flat grey in the original?

See the finished image compared to the original below.


So for a quick background colour change, open the image in Photoshop. Copy the background layer and go to >Select>Color Range. Using the eye dropper click and select areas to add the grey background to the overall colour range selection. Don’t worry if some of the selection spills onto your model (we can take care of this later) adjusting the fuzziness slider will also yield a more refined colour selection. Once we have a rough selection of the grey areas click okay and then open a hue saturation adjustment layer in Photoshop. Here’s where the real fun begins. Click Colorize and then start to change the colour with the hue and then adjust the saturation and lightness to taste. If any of the new colouring has spilled onto the model’s skin or clothing it can easily be removed now by brushing away with the black brush on the hue/saturation layer mask.

I’m very much looking forward to experimenting with this technique as I shoot against grey quite a lot here at home.

One more quick tip whilst I’m on the subject of paper backgrounds is cleaning them up. I’m sure you will all have come across creases and wrinkles, dirty marks on your backdrop? A quick and easy fix in Photoshop is to use the Median filter to smooth the backdrop out. On a duplicate layer go to Filter>Noise>Median and adjust the slider until the image is smooth (it will be a different value for every image) and then simply add a layer mask and paint neatly with the brush tool to reveal your subject, whilst leaving the backdrop looking as smooth as a baby’s bum!

Quick, easy and effective.

I hope you found these little tips useful.



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