Dark Storm Rising.

Delighted to report a new publication in this month’s Femme Rebelle Magazine, from our Star Wars themed set featuring Tegan.

Tegan Sith-3445-Edit-2

Now as a youngster I was massively obsessed with Star Wars. Not giving my age away or anything but I saw Return Of The Jedi at the cinema (twice!).

I was seriously into the three original movies and everything connected with them. As a matter of fact it wasn’t so long ago that I sold my collection of original Star Wars figures and vehicles to a collector who himself was writing a book based on a single Star Wars figure! True story and a very interesting guy indeed.

Anyways back to our shoot which was shot against the grey paper with my trusty smoke machine to add a little extra atmosphere.

For the lighting we used a Godox AD360 in a large octabox to camera left. A speed light in a gridded reflector boomed behind and high above Tegan for a hair light (gelled blue). Finally a speed light in a 60 x 60 gridded soft box behind Tegan to camera right (angled back toward her at 45 degrees and also gelled blue).

Tegan Sith-3451-Edit-3

Did I mention that I was a massive fan of the original Star wars trilogy? Well that being said I know absolutely nothing (literally nothing) about of all the recent movies in the series. Tegan however is seriously into Star Wars and absolutely smashed the styling, including the makeup and those awesome contact lenses.

It really came together for us and I’m so pleased with how the set turned out. It is also going to feature in a second publication which is also forthcoming.

Tegan Sith-3474-Edit-2

Hopefully you like the images.

Femme Rebelle



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