Military with Meg.

Military fashion is one of my absolute favourite styles to shoot. As it happens this was just a small part of an extensive shoot with model Lady Megara but I loved the way these images turned out. I couldn’t resist sharing them.


The smoke effect is added in Photoshop but I’ve recently acquired a smoke machine which I’m looking forward to testing out in forthcoming shoots. Watch this space!


I’m planning on doing some ww2 styled military work in the near future. Very much looking forward to it. So if anyone knows any re-enactors who might be interested in working with me then I’d love to hear from them. The Second World War is something I have been interested in since I was very young and I still love to hear the stories my Grandmother tells me of her wartime experiences (might make for an interesting future blog post actually)

Last one from this mini-series………


…..and if you want to see more of Meg then check out her Instagram page

Lady Megara


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