Showcasing a few images from this one of my absolute favourite sets featuring the wonderfully collaborative Eloise.


Together we’d been working on this concept for quite a few months until we finally brought it to life. We’d been looking to create an avant-garde concept with more than just a hint of darkness. Now the ruff collar, which was indeed central to the theme was made (very kindly) by my mum! Why not? Hopefully you’ll agree that it looks fantastic in these images.

Eloise is a skilled makeup artist and she created this amazing look which in my opinion smashed our theme out of the ball park.


Add some amazing poses to the theme and a little special sauce in Photoshop and we achieved (I’m delighted to say) a dark and creative editorial that was published in Femme Rebelle Magazine.

Now just to clarify this was shot on a shoestring in a small room at my house. One light. A home made accessory (the ruff collar) coupled with a cheap pair of Ebay gloves and an old belt belonging to my wife. The point? Well the point is that you can make interesting and creative images on a small budget……….all you need is a great model and a little imagination.


Now Eloise herself has taken her creative talents and opened a studio recently together with her partner.

More information here

Eloise Dulcie Instagram

Hope you like the images as much as we enjoyed making them.


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