Break a leg.

Well it was actually a badly broken knee which you’ve probably heard me banging on about before now……….sorry ’bout that.

I was absolutely delighted to get back to photography last June as you might imagine after a fairly long hard slog back to fitness. I use the term ‘fitness’ pretty loosely here as I reckon I was at about 70 percent recovery at that point in time.

This image featuring the very lovely Beckii from this particular shoot is one I am very fond of.


It was the culmination of a pretty long period of inactivity and really a feeling of uselessness on my own part………to start making images again felt absolutely fantastic.

Now Beckii nailed this. I love the pose and the attitude.

Lighting is a simple one light in an octabox boomed directly out in front and overhead set up. I love to light female subjects in this way. Sometimes a cross light pattern can be nice (and certainly more dramatic) but I love the flattering shadows that the overhead lighting gives.

Hopefully you like the image.

The knee is at about 90 percent these days (in case you were wondering).

More on Beckii here…………….

Beckii Whiting Instagram

Beckii Whiting Youtube


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