Valentine’s Day

Well it was Valentine’s Day 2015 to be precise……..during the daytime in an underground parking garage in Digbeth, Birmingham.

I was looking through some old images earlier and decided to re-edit this one. The reason this image spoke to me today was that it was taken at a time when I first started experimenting with lighting and off camera flash.


It was an image I’d made, rather than simply taken……..and let me tell you it was like a moment of clarity in my mind. The point being that bringing your own lighting to a photoshoot gives you the freedom to craft and create an interesting image in almost any environment.

I’d set up the lighting (a Canon 600RT speedlight in a collapsed silver reflective umbrella just behind and to camera left) and positioned John, the model and together we came up with this tie flick kind of scenario. Now as you can imagine it took more than just a few frames to make the tie stand up and play ball like that but once the lighting and the composition were locked in then all of the hard work was done……well it was for me at least! John played a blinder here and gave this shot the narrative we were both looking for. He really sold it.

John and I have worked on a few different projects since then and we have always created some quality images together. I’m also delighted to say I recently photographed his wedding in Wootton Wawen to the lovely Kat.

Good times.

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