Dark Storm Rising.

Delighted to report a new publication in this month’s Femme Rebelle Magazine, from our Star Wars themed set featuring Tegan.

Tegan Sith-3445-Edit-2

Now as a youngster I was massively obsessed with Star Wars. Not giving my age away or anything but I saw Return Of The Jedi at the cinema (twice!).

I was seriously into the three original movies and everything connected with them. As a matter of fact it wasn’t so long ago that I sold my collection of original Star Wars figures and vehicles to a collector who himself was writing a book based on a single Star Wars figure! True story and a very interesting guy indeed.

Anyways back to our shoot which was shot against the grey paper with my trusty smoke machine to add a little extra atmosphere.

For the lighting we used a Godox AD360 in a large octabox to camera left. A speed light in a gridded reflector boomed behind and high above Tegan for a hair light (gelled blue). Finally a speed light in a 60 x 60 gridded soft box behind Tegan to camera right (angled back toward her at 45 degrees and also gelled blue).

Tegan Sith-3451-Edit-3

Did I mention that I was a massive fan of the original Star wars trilogy? Well that being said I know absolutely nothing (literally nothing) about of all the recent movies in the series. Tegan however is seriously into Star Wars and absolutely smashed the styling, including the makeup and those awesome contact lenses.

It really came together for us and I’m so pleased with how the set turned out. It is also going to feature in a second publication which is also forthcoming.

Tegan Sith-3474-Edit-2

Hopefully you like the images.

Femme Rebelle



The Ring Mistress

Wrapping up 2019 with a fantastic conceptual shoot featuring Tegan.

Tegan Sith-3219-Edit-2

Tegan Sith-3203-Edit-2

We shot this set in two different ways and I’m hard pushed to decide which I like the best. First against the painterly backdrop from Kate Backdrop (another previously taken image of Tegan features in their cover banner on the Kate website) and then secondly using the grey paper in combination with gels, smoke and the fantastic Lee Filters Soft Set

Tegan Sith-3263-Edit-2

Tegan Sith-3308-Edit-2

Hope you like the images.


Publication in Femme Rebelle Magazine

Delighted to report a six page spread in the December issue of the fantastic Femme Rebelle Magazine.

Bubblegum Beatdown featuring Fonic (aka Francheska)

Femme Rebelle BOOK 2 52

The original inspiration for this set came from this super cool image by the fantastic German photographer and photoshop expert Calvin Hollywood.

Officer – by Calvin Hollywood

This was shot from my small home studio so to give it some narrative we added smoke, coloured gel on the backlights, a Lee Filters diffusion filter on the camera and a ton of attitude from Francheska and well the rest is history…………….


Femme Rebelle is out now.

Femme Rebelle Dec BOOK 2



Featuring John.

Simple set up for this shot which yields some pretty hard hitting results (I like it when it’s simple). Bending the rules again a little here (I like bending rules) with a beauty dish positioned hard to camera right. Beauty dishes are definitely best used directly in front and overhead the subject to give a wonderful quality of light (absolutely my favourite light modifier) but in this instance I fitted it with the grid and it made for some hard light and wicked shadows to suit the mood. We shot this against a painted white wall at my house with a little texture added using the overlay blend mode in Photoshop. There’s a fantastic article on how to do this quickly and easily here

John did all the real hard work (including ripping his shirt to bits) and hopefully you like the end result.


Please do get in touch if you wish to commission a stylised muscle/fitness shoot.



I’ve been working out.

Yup……..I joined the gym and have been trying to hammer my ass back into shape for the last 10 weeks or so. Feeling pretty good actually and slowly pulling myself back together after the whole broken knee/snapped tendon/quadriceps incident thingy.

Anyways the point of this is not to waffle on about me. What I’m driving at is that I want to shoot some athletes…….team sports people……fitness stuff……muscle.

Inspired a little by the work of the legendary Joel Grimes amongst others but with my own flavour added to it.

I have a couple of people lined up but I do have a few slots available so please do get in touch if you’re local to me and have what it takes to make a great image.

Here’s a shot of Miss Lasma from Latvia which we made here at my house with a three edge light set up (it’s great for emphasising physique and muscle tone).

Hope you like.




It’s my daughter’s absolute favourite!

She dressed as Pennywise this year and did her own makeup.

We had just a couple of minutes to grab a quick shot before heading out for an evening of sugar fuelled trick or treat mayhem! Luckily I had two strip boxes set up (with grids) and ready to go. I had to shoot high speed sync to go fast with the shutter speed and darken the background as all we had to shoot against was the white wall. One quick blast on the smoke machine and a few takes later we’d got our shot.

One for the family album 🙂



The Hitwoman………..

From San Francisco…….aka Carnivore Cain.


Quick teaser shot from this conceptual shoot.

I’ve been busy experimenting with gels and smoke lately not too easy when you are colourblind but really enjoying seeing the results all the same.

More about how we got this effect later but for now we hope you like the image.